ChronoTrack Active Timing Technology

Use our unique, mid-market, active timing technology to accurately time your more demanding triathlons, mud runs, obstacle events, and cycling races.

With its own built-in battery, the active tag, is more powerful and more accurate than its passive tri-tag relative. These orange tags are custom made, with a unique configuration and hardware built specifically to satisfy the needs of our partners.

Mass-market active tag, at a competitive price

Our technology was configured to read results between the high end and low end of existing transponders on the market, meeting the performance needs of the majority of the market, at a more reasonable price.

Works through mud and water

Each ChronoTrack active tag has a battery embedded in the transponder, making it powerful enough to send timing data to the loop wire and transceiver through mud or water. Active tags are accurate to .1 second, regardless of natural interferences, meaning reliable, accurate results for your athletes.

“We jumped at the chance to be the first to try the system. We are seeing near 100% capture rates throughout the course.”

— Nick Howell, Spartan’s Emperor & Technology Czar

Easy setup

The active timing technology consists of a transceiver box and a loop wire that connect to your Minitrack or Pro 2. The loop wire is easily set up across your timing point in a matter of minutes, and secured to the ground simply with duct tape.

Option to buy or rent

We have a large rental pool for timers who prefer not to purchase our active timing technology. We clean all tags after use, making this an efficient and affordable solution for timers with a limited number of events.

Looking for a PASSIVE TAG solution?

Our passive timing technology utilizes UHF RFID tags to provide the industry standard results that timers and athletes around the world have come to enjoy and rely upon.

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