Other Race Management Tools

Behind every great event is great event management. We give you the extra race management tools to do it even better.

Series Management

The series management solution enables a customized, points-based system that encourages repeat registration and engagement within an event series.

Flexible Points-Based System:

Our system is flexible and can support a variety of points-based systems out of the box. We can customize a series to help meet any goals you are trying to achieve with your event.

Fully-Branded Series Experience for Athletes & Sponsors:

Our series platform is robust and scales to support the most popular and largest race series in the market today. We embed the results and points experience directly in your website, giving athletes a great event experience while creating new sponsor revenue opportunities for you.

Drive Loyalty, Registrations and Revenue:

The best customer is an existing customer. We give you the tools to drive loyalty and word of mouth endorsements, resulting in repeat and new athlete registrations and ultimately increased revenue.

Corral Management

The corral management tool automates verification of athlete start times based on the athlete’s historic results housed in our Athlinks database of over 235,000,000 finish times. The wealth of data your event can tap into includes:

Smart Corral Data

  • Prior events
  • Best/Worst/Average performance data
  • Gender/Age/Demographics
  • Breakdown of prior event detail
  • Automated, customizable corral placement
  • Athlete retention rate
  • Competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

  • Prior events
  • Feeder events/Referring events
  • Shorter distance complimentary events
  • Attrition analysis YOY
  • Competing events
  • Growth/Attrition by demographics

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Series Management

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