Have More Race Timing Business Than You Can Manage On Your Own?

Time more events—and lower the cost of doing business—with remote race timing capabilities.

Fusion remote monitoring and control is the best way to scale your race timing business without having to hire and train expert—and costly—help to support your events. Connect your Pro 2 controllers to your computer with our Fusion software and view all of your live events from your laptop, from any location.

Bird’s eye view

The lead timer, working from a laptop or desktop computer in any location with Internet access, has a bird’s eye view of everything happening in the field. The lead timer can keep an eye on one event or multiple events—all from the same remote location.

Peace of mind

Remote monitoring gives lead timers peace of mind that all of your events are running smoothly. And, if an issue does arise, a lead timer can either correct it remotely or reach out to the person manning the controller onsite to give guidance on the fix.

Time your events with lower cost resources

Fusion remote capabilities allow timers to use our high-end race timing equipment for the most accurate results in the industry, while monitoring and controlling key components from any laptop with Internet access. No longer do timers need to employ seasoned help at every split point to know if something goes wrong—and how to fix it.