A Middleware Solution Built with Timers in Mind

Fusion integrates cohesively with our best-in-class timing equipment to provide the most accurate race results in the industry.

Memory Usage Efficiency

Updates to Fusion have led to 30-50% reduction in memory usage compared to previous versions, without compromising the ability to combine session data into easy to view streams.

All in all, we are using the available memory more efficiently and producing a more User Experience driven design to deliver these efficiencies. 

Easy Event Configuration

Fusion 3.4.6 “Add Event” Enhancements, gives Users the ability to:

  • Import  CT Live Events to configure your event space, based on CT Live Event setup
  • Import and export preconfigured events spaces (from files) and transfer from one User to another
  • Archive or Unarchive an event space, allowing Users to view past event configurations


Stream Race Day Insights

Fusion 3.4.6 “Race View” Enhancements, give Users the ability to:

  • See how long it’s been since the last tag was read on a particular stream
  • View a streaming indicator letting you know that your stream is still playing its output source


Fusion Version 3.4.6 is now backed by industry leader Electron; trusted by many large companies such as WhatsApp, Slack and Skype. Advances in this technology will provide Users with in-app updates, and built-in crash reporting and debugging.