About Us

Athlinks is a family of people, products, and services that all work together to make everyone’s event experience an epic one.

We strive every day to listen to our partners, athletes, and employees to create that magic formula.

We became this family by bringing together 3 different companies:

Athlinks.com was launched in 2006 and quickly become the largest online results database in the world, now housing over 235,000,000 results (and counting). “Compete. Connect.” The goal is to use fitness to not only push yourself, but to connect with your fellow athletes.

ChronoTrack launched in 2008 and has become the industry trusted timing brand in 6 continents and 50+ countries, through 225+ timing partners. ChronoTrack times 19 out of the top 25 largest races in the world, and has timed over 5,000+ races.

BazuSports was started in 2009 and offered many race management tools including registration, photos, videos, and results.

ChronoTrack merged with BazuSports in 2012, and then acquired Athlinks in 2013.

Over the years, the ChronoTrack name has been used to encompass more than just our timing tools, often times not representing the full suite of products and services available to our customers.

As Athlinks continues to grow as a more all-encompassing brand that services every aspect of the athlete’s journey, we transition ChronoTrack under the Athlinks umbrella, and take the reliability and timing experience that ChronoTrack is known for and make it an integral part of the overall Athlinks experience. We shift our primary brand to Athlinks Services, with a suite of timing equipment branded as ChronoTrack.

Together, the two brands, Athlinks and Athlinks Services, are able to provide an all-in-one suite of race management solutions – from event exposure and race registration software, to race timing services and results.

Athlinks brings race organizers, timers, and athletes together more seamlessly, ultimately providing a better race experience for everyone’s end customer, the event participant.