Passive Timing Technology:

Start to finish, our passive timing technology enhances the quality of each and every race experience for timers, race directors, participants, fans, volunteers, and support staff.

Our passive timing technology utilizes UHF RFID tags to provide the industry standard results that timers and athletes around the world have come to enjoy and rely upon. ChronoTrack timing tags provide an eco-friendly choice for event organizers looking to improve their carbon footprint, whether with passive or active, reusable tags.

Single B-Tag, D-Tag, and Tri-Tag

Our UHF RFID race timing tags are single-use tags that improve efficiency and allocation of staff resources. ChronoTrack tags are weather resistant and lightweight for an enhanced competitor experience. All three passive timing technology tags are recyclable or landfill safe and reduce secondary impact by scaling back the resources needed for distribution and collection.

B-Tag (bib tag)

The ChronoTrack B-Tag is a perfect option for any size event looking for a simple, convenient, and cost-effective timing solution. The B-Tag is a thin paper strip that is affixed to the back of the competitor’s bib. The ease of use for competitors and event staff allows for a seamless race experience, eliminating the hassle of applying a tag to the shoe and reducing the margin of error in the application process.

D-Tag (shoe tag)

The D-Tag is a laminated strip that is looped around the shoelaces in the shape of the letter D. The D-Tag has revolutionized the race experience by removing the hassle of chip collection and unwanted fees for unreturned chips.


The Tri-Tag carries the same powerful UHF RFID tags as the B-Tag and D-Tag in a user-friendly compact plastic shell. The innovative plastic shell can be attached to the competitor with a single-use or neoprene strap. The Tri-Tag enables ChronoTrack timers to maximize accuracy and performance in triathlons, swim races, and other endurance sports events, while offering the flexibility of single-use or reusable tags.

Looking for an ACTIVE TAG solution?

Our active timing tags are proven in the industry to provide a high level of accuracy without the customary high price tag.