With the growth of mud/obstacle events, high-end triathlons and cycling events, there’s an increasing need in the market for a more accurate timing solution to handle the extreme conditions not typical of standard running events. The best way to support these events from a timing perspective is with active technology containing built-in batteries in the tags to enhance performance.

Active timing solutions can quickly become cost prohibitive for many timers though, leading them to try lower-cost options on the market to attempt to meet their more demanding needs. This can often lead to lower read rates. ChronoTrack active tags provide increased accuracy, regardless of environmental factors, meaning accurate results for your athletes.

ChronoTrack now has a solution for the masses. Our active timing solution is configured to land between the available high-end and low-end of transponders, meeting the needs of the bulk of the market, at a more reasonable price.

active tranceiverThe orange active tags are custom-made for ChronoTrack, with a unique configuration and hardware built specifically for the needs of our partners. Set-up takes minutes with a simple, small active extension box that connects to your MiniTrack Contoller, replacing antennas and mats with a loop wire that collects reads from the tags worn by the participants. This allows the hardware to tie directly into our current software infrastructure. Adding the ChronoTrack active tag to our suite of products now allows you to choose between active and passive technology solutions for your events.

These tags have been thoroughly tested and piloted at US and European Spartan events over the last few spartan active tag 2months and will continue to be used in the future by Spartan. Learn more here about Spartan’s experience with our active technology to date.

ChronoTrack has established a rental pool for timers who need additional equipment or tags. Timers will be required to make a minimal investment in the active solution in order to rent tags, however. This will allow ChronoTrack timing partners to scale up to support the larger events in the market.

Please inquire with our team for all purchase or rental options by contacting your regional manager or requesting more information about the active technology here if you are not a ChronoTrack timer.