ChronoTrack Controllers

The Professional and MiniTrack Series controllers provide the foundation for ChronoTrack’s industry trusted timing technology.  The controllers have been designed with a wide range of communication options in order to ensure ease of data communication between the hardware and software.

Professional Series Controller

The ChronoTrack Systems Professional Series has taken the timing world by storm, helping to secure 21 of the 25 largest events in the nation. Drawing the name Professional Series for its use in larger racing events, the Pro Series is not to be overlooked for a race of any size or duration.

With the ability to reach 28 feet with a single system, the Professional Series has become the top choice for highly populated events looking to improve the data communication flow and ensure redundancy. With built-in, internal battery life reaching eight hours and a touch panel LED screen these controllers have become industry standard for their usability and efficiency.

The functionality offered in the Professional Series gives our Certified Timing Partners an opportunity to bring a new approach to their racing events. Whether it is a local 5k, a marathon, snowshoe event, or mountain festival.

Professional Series 2 Controller

The Pro2 controller is the successor to the original Pro controller. As with the original Pro, the Pro2 is encased in a rugged Pelican case and features a touch screen display, two-port Ethernet switch, built-in WiFi modem, built-in GPRS (Cellular) Modem, three powered USB ports, and AC power.

In addition to the features of the original Pro, the Pro2 has built-in GPI (General Purpose Input), GPS time syncing, Active Extension support, an LED marquee display, and support for up to 5 hot-swappable Ryobi batteries instead of built-in batteries. The Pro2 also features a greatly-improved interface called ChronOS.

The Pro2 has two Readers, allowing it to support lines up to 28 feet (8 meters for non US gators) with 8 gators. The Pro2 weighs in at about 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) with batteries installed.

MiniTrack Controller

Although it is named the MiniTrack, this next generation system is not mini on the degree of functions it offers. Small in stature the MiniTrack system will provide a smaller and lighter weight option to the already successful ChronoTrack family of UHF controllers. Utilizing additional hardware add-ons, the MiniTrack is capable of reproducing a majority of the functionality found in the ChronoTrack Pro Series controllers.

New to this controller is its ability to run off of hot swappable 18 volt lithium-ion power tool batteries to maximize ease of use and reduce cost. These batteries can be purchased at your local home improvement store making powering up an easy process for the user. In addition to the hot swappable batteries, the MiniTrack also boasts a mechanical gun-start button and combination keypad – LED interface.

Like the Pro Series controllers, the MiniTrack controller can be used in combination with both types of ChronoTrack Interrogators (Gators). This allows the MiniTrack to be used in the same modular setups as well, resulting in line widths from 36 inches to 14 feet with a single MiniTrack controller. This controller can also be setup with other controllers to produce continuous line widths up to 56 feet.

Single Redundant Hardware Configurations

Gatorless Split Controller Configurations

Network of Timers

ChronoTrack offers the largest network of Timers in the U.S. Our network of ChronoTrack-certified timers offer unparalleled products, training, and support, helping deliver your race day experience with confidence and accuracy.

Request more info below or contact our sales department at 855-709-4555 to learn what it takes to become a ChronoTrack-certified timing partner.

Single Redundant Hardware Configurations

ChronoTrack Timing

Exclusive to ChronoTrack Timing Partners, the hardware trusted by some of the most high profile events across the globe, is the exact same hardware all our Timers and their events have access to. Working as hard for you at 50,000 Athletes as it will with 500, your ChronoTrack Hardware, Middleware and other timing products guarantee a Best-in-Class Timing solution.

Timing Hardware

The Professional Series and MiniTrack Series controllers provide the foundation for ChronoTrack’s industry-tested and trusted race timing systems. ChronoTrack Interrogators (Gators or mats) or side-mounted, matless equipment, FlashPoints, are placed along the course with high-functioning RFID antennas. The antennas pass information to the controllers where it is processed to be scored.


Built for performance, reliability, and easy deployment, our controllers provide industry-hardened technology to ensure every course is covered—whether the New York City Marathon or a local 5k race.


Our blue and orange Gators (mats) are laid across timing points to protect RFID antennas from damage, yet allow for precise and accurate timing, whether they’re placed on an asphalt road or a dirt path on a mountainside.

Matless Splits and Flashpoints

Side-mounted antenna provide a matless solution ideal for cycling, cross-country skiing, and street luge events. Any race can benefit from timing equipment that enables advance set up (before road closures occur), offers a single redundant finish line, and supplies lighter and more flexible equipment on the course.

Timing Tags

ChronoTrack timing tags improve efficiency and allocation of staff resources. ChronoTrack tags are also weather resistant and lightweight for an enhanced competitor experience.

UHF RFID (Passive) Tags

Single-use, weather-resistant and lightweight tags designed to perform and minimize staff resources. Options include B-tags for the bib, D-Tags for shoes, Cycling tags for bike posts, and our passive Tri Tags.

Active Tags

ChronoTrack Active Tags are ideal for triathlons, mud/obstacle events and cycling races. Our technology is configured to read results between the high-end and low-end of transponders on the market, meeting the needs of the majority of the mass market, at a more reasonable price.

Timing Software

We provide middleware desktop and web applications to manipulate and manage data for scoring. Timers can score in ChronoTrack Live or on third party scoring software, in conjunction with our live scoring solution. We also offer connections to third party publishing and distribution services.


Fusion remote monitoring and control is the best way to scale your race timing business without having to hire and train expert—and costly—help to support your events. Connect your Pro 2 controllers to your computer with our Fusion software and view all of your live events from your laptop, from any location.

ChronoTrack Live Scoring

Our scoring and race results software takes timing to a new level of accuracy and satisfies the demand for immediate results. We’re dedicated to delivering easy-to- use solutions that address complex timing for races of all distances. Our live results platform offers numerous options to enable athletes and spectators immediate access to the information they crave.


Live and static results interfaces offer a variety of unique and compelling experiences for athletes. Use scrolling results on event day to display live times for multiple events at the finish line. Athlinks static results provide an interactive experience for Athletes where they can easily share and compare results and photos.

Live results

  • On your event results page during your event
  • Scrolling results on a screen at your finish line
  • GPS tracking results in the Athlinks Mobile App

Static results

  • On your event results page after your event
  • On athletes’ individual results pages on
  • On your own website
  • At a finish line kiosk where Athletes can check for initial results
  • In the Athlinks Mobile App post-event

Network of Timers

Athlinks Services offers the largest network of timers in the U.S. Our network of ChronoTrack-certified timers offer unparalleled products, training, and support, helping deliver your race day experience with confidence and accuracy.

Request more info below or contact our sales department at 855-709-4555 to learn what it takes to become a ChronoTrack-certified timing partner.