The event experience goes mobile with our new Race Day app.

Our new Race Day app takes your event to the next level of service and sophistication with easy customization, on-the-go communications, live athlete tracking, and measurable sponsor exposure—all in the palm of your hand. Fully customizable for iOS or Android devices, the Race Day app is designed for you to create a full mobile experience for athletes and spectators, without needing to know a single line of code. Plus, you can set up and launch your event’s mobile experience quickly, without waiting for any app store approvals.

The Race Day app is a single source to answer all of your athletes’ questions—like an info kiosk in the palm of their hands. When you need to share critical updates, the app is the best way to communicate quickly with your athletes and fans. You can incorporate a wealth of information and features in your event’s mobile experience, including:

  • Course and vendor maps
  • Event schedule and details
  • Announcements
  • Registration
  • Start lists with wave assignments
  • Results
  • Branded photos and videos
  • Links to social media, donation site, and merchandise store

Live GPS tracking is also a major highlight of the Race Day app for competitors and their support crews. Spectators can track up to 10 participants in a single event. Predictive analytics provide estimated finish times, so fans can get camera-ready for those victory shots. Athletes can even access live stats in the thick of competition, including pace and remaining distance. Audible cues keep them on track, so they can focus on the road ahead, rather than constantly check their phones for updates.

Sponsor-wise, the Race Day app allows you to offer trackable exposure—exposure that’s sure to make an impact—to your event partners. Add sponsor branding to the free event photos available for download and social sharing. The interactive course and vendor maps are customizable to support sponsor callouts. Announcements and push notifications can feature multiple sponsors. Does your sponsor have a video to share? Feature it in the video section of the app, along with other helpful content for your athletes such as training videos and post-event recovery tips.

Get on board with the new Race Day app and improve the event for everyone—athletes, sponsors, staff, and fans near and far. Customize your content and create quick access to critical information, all at your fingertips. Provide results, photos and videos, and valuable sponsor branding, right in hand.

Contact us to get started customizing your Race Day app and take your event mobile today!